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AQUAFI: Water Heaters and Advertising

Over the past week, we’ve been introducing you to the services that the AQUAFI team offers. Today we are wrapping up our series by talking about Water Heaters and Advertising.

AQUAFI: Water Heaters and AdvertisingWater Heaters

Us: AQUAFI realizes that water heaters are not cheap and when they break they do so without giving you any warning. So, we wanted to offer something to our consumers that is not offered by anyone else and that is no credit check financing! How does it work? Simple, you pay us $150 dollars down and we install a brand new water heater into your home. You choose between a 2, 3, or 4-year payment plan and we are good to go! This way we help carry some of that cost burden for you and allow you pay for it over time. AQUAFI stocks between 10 to 20 water heaters at our Warehouse at all times. This means we can get you up and running within 24 hours!

Them: No other company in Central Florida offers financing with no credit check. Which means you have to come out of pocket between $700 to $1,500 dollars and most of the time without any notice to save up. They also do not keep water heaters stocked in there warehouse and you may be out of hot water for a few days before they can even come to your home and get you back up and running.


Us: How do you research or find out about a company? If you are like me you Google it, check the reviews and maybe see what type of social network presence they have. We get that. That is why we are going to actively advertise on over 10 websites and social networks that “real” people visit on a regular basis, we are going to advertise on radio stations that people actually listen too and more importantly we are going to make sure we ask each and every one of our customers to post reviews about us. That is the only real way you know who we are and how we work.

Them: The majority of plumbing companies believe only in word of mouth for advertising. They realize that plumbing is basically a necessary evil and that all they need is a very simple website and people will find them. This narrow way of thinking is why a majority of us, if asked, would have no idea who we would use if we had a broken pipe or a flood in our living room. For something that is so necessary, that has to change!

Well, thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We really are looking forward to working with you and make sure to keep your eyes and ears open because you will be hearing and seeing a lot more about us. Give us a call at (844) 411-AQUA (2782) or visit our website at  We’re waiting to hear from you.


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Leak Detection and Water Damage

Leak Detection and Water DamageToday we are going to talk about two of our very important services leak detection and water damage, something that we know can be very upsetting to you, our valued customers.

Leak Detection

Us: AQUAFI works hard to help solve your leak problems ASAP. We realize you can’t wait until “next week” and that is why we try to schedule all appointments within 24 hours. The good thing about our leak detection service is that we can find the leak within 30 minutes and unlike other leak detection companies, we can also fix the leak with our Plumbing division once we find it. We charge a flat fee for our leak detection services and leave the guessing game out of it.

Them: The majority of leak detection companies in Orlando take about one week to fit you into their schedule book. They show up, point out the leak and leave. Then you have to call a plumbing company, have them come back out and maybe another couple days later your leak is finally fixed.

Water Damage

Us: Wow. I don’t even know where to start. How about this, we pay $500 towards your insurance deductible, we under bill the Insurance Company Leak Detection and Water Damageand we take into account that this is a very traumatic experience and we hold your hand throughout the entire process. The most important fact is that we under bill the insurance companies. This helps you and us. It helps you because we don’t drive off into the sunset having billed your insurance company thousands of dollars more than we should have and then leave you to face their wrath when they quadruple your insurance premiums. It helps us because we are a new company and we want the Insurance companies to like us and to use us. The only way that happens is we build a company based on honesty, trust and integrity. We want to be your trusted Water Damage Company and we will do everything in our power to keep you and your insurance company happy.

Them: Most Water Damage companies are simply put, scams. They basically come into your home, destroy it, over bill you and your insurance company and then leave you with a sky rocketed insurance premium. That’s why they don’t advertise anywhere but on Google and a majority of them are paid ads. You wont find them interacting with you on Social Networks or asking you to post reviews about them. Because of these companies, “water damage” is a bad word.

We hope to be able to serve you for all of your water damage and leak problems.  You can go to our website for more information www.theaquafi or give us a call at 844-411-2782.


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Meet AQUAFI: Commercial Plumbing

Commercial PlumbingCommercial Plumbing

Today in continuing to introduce you to the plumbing services that we offer in the Orlando area, we are going to talk about our Commercial Plumbing services, and how we can help you put a stop to overspending on your water bills.

Us: A few of our shareholders own Hotels, Office Buildings and Retail Centers and that gives us a leg up. We have first-hand knowledge of what it takes and what you need as a commercial business owner. We also know how hard it is to garner your trust and that is why we offer a free commercial business water audit inspection.

It is our goal is to leave you with some pretty innovative ways to save money on your water bill and those savings will turn into trust and the beginning of building a long lasting relationship so the AQUAFI team can take care of  your plumbing needs! In addition, we also offer flat hourly pricing which is pretty unheard of in the Commercial plumbing industry today.

Them: Central Florida doesn’t really have Commercial plumbing companies that focus on you the commercial business owner. Those that are out there really don’t have first-hand knowledge like the AQUAFI team does, and they are definitely not giving you any free services to earn goodwill and trust. On top of that, most Commercial plumbing companies will not give you flat fee services. You pretty much are rolling the dice and taking a chance on pricing.

Go over to our website and check out our services and rates, and call to schedule your FREE water audit today.  Let’s work at getting those water bills under control.

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Meet Us: AQUAFI – Residential Plumbing

We are the AQUAFI Team, and over the next several posts we are going to introduce you to all of the plumbing services that we offer, and what differentiates us from the other plumbing companies in the Central Florida area. We were founded upon the four pillars of honesty, integrity, transparency, and high-quality work. The AQUAFI team aims to become the most trusted provider in Central Florida.

Meet Us: AQUAFI - Residential Plumbing Residential Plumbing

Us: What is the most annoying thing about making a service related appointment?  Most people would answer that 8-hour window that they give you for the tech arriving at your home! That means you have to miss an entire day of work if you aren’t lucky and they arrive early in the day. Well, we attempt to keep our window within 2 hours and we will call you 30-minutes prior to our arrival at your home.

We understand inviting someone into your home can be scary in today’s world. Because of that, we have strict requirements to be on the AQUAFI team. Those requirements include background checks, clean-shaven, presentable and each tech must follow a strict code of conduct.

All of our techs have iPads and the first thing they do when they come into your home is snap a picture of the “issue.” When they finish they take an after picture and both of these pictures are included on your receipt. Once they have finished the work you can easily check out and pay for the service right on the iPad and an invoice will be emailed directly to you. On that receipt you will be offered a $10 dollar refund for posting a review about your experience with us. That helps with our transparency and we feel you deserve that $10 dollars for helping us mold our company.

I almost forgot the most important thing…price! No more guessing games.  We charge a flat hourly fee and it is listed in bold on our website. ( under the services tab.  Most companies’ overtime kicks in at 5 pm. We realize that is when most people are getting off of work so we make our overtime kick in a few hours later…leaving you some breathing room. Our goal is simply put, to be different, and remove stress from your day!!

Them: The majority of plumbing companies give you a, “we will be there between 8 am and 5 pm” time frame window. They show up and you really have no idea who is coming into your home. Their websites maybe 1 or 2 pages and really looks like it has not been updated in 10-years. As far as pricing, you have no idea what you’re about to be charged. If you want to leave a review, good or bad, you have no idea where to find them, so you search on Google, maybe you find them, and maybe you are able to leave your thoughts. It’s like rolling the dice, hiring someone that you really can’t find much about.

We would love for you to check us out on any of our Social Media sites, or on our Websites. If calling is not convenient, stop by our Facebook page and leave your questions, or comments, you can reach us on Facebook here:  Aquafi on Facebook

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