Where is the location? The Universal Orlando Resort, commonly known as Universal Orlando is a theme park resort in Orlando, Florida. Universal is also home to countless number of vacation homes, rentals, apartments and businesses.

Unique issues specific for this area? The unique climate near Universal creates a setting that requires your plumbing to work 24/7 under high heat / stress environment. Often times older homes that are fitted with Copper Piping will see that their lines often time crack and pinhole, leading to leaks and floods within their homes. Your water heaters are also usually kept in your garages and the temperatures can be as high as 120 degrees in the hotel Universal summers. This causes your water heaters to work overtime and often times stresses out Older equipment to a point of either just flat out giving out or working so inefficiently that you utility bills are outrageously expensive due to it. Due to the climate of Universal it is extremely important that you service your equipment on a yearly basis and this will allow your equipment to last longer and to also perform more efficiently.

Distance from AquaFi? AquaFi is a 20-minute drive to Universal. Due to AquaFi central location we can service Universal residents within hours of an emergency phone call.

Our experience in the Area? AquaFi has been servicing Orlando and the suburbs within Orlando for over 15 years now. We have serviced 100’s of homes / office units / apartment units and business in Universal in those 15 years. Our plumbers are very familiar with Universal and have intimate knowledge of navigating the area. Universal is often an area where a majority of Plumbers go for lunch, spend their free time with their families and have developed good relationships with many of the business owners in Universal. We look forward to being able to grow that relationship in Universal. Our goal would be to become the preferred Plumbing vendor for all of Universal residents and business owners. We will work hard to reach that goal and will fight to earn it through our hard work, integrity, honesty and service-oriented attitude that all of our Plumbers have.

24 Hours a Day, 7 days a week
1 Hour Response Time, Maximum
No Hidden Service Fees
Transparent Rates & Fees

What we work on

Rates & Fees

Monday – Friday (8:00AM – 7:00PM) – $90/hr

Monday – Friday (7:01PM – 7:59AM) – $115/hr

Saturday & Sunday (All day) – $115/hr

All Federal Holidays (All day) – $115/hr

All rates and fees are billed at time plus material. This means if a pipe needs replaced, and that pipe costs $20, and it takes 1 hour to repair, the total fee will be:

Cost of the Pipe ($20) + Hourly Rate ($90) = total fee ($110)

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