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Mold Removal & Remediation Services

  • Drying and Dehumidification
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Restoration
  • Thermal Camera Water Inspection
  • Storm Damage Flooding
  • Flooded Basements
  • Home Water Inspections
  • IICRC - Master Water Restorer
  • IICRC - Master Fire & Smoke Restorer
  • IICRC - Master Textiles Cleaner
  • IICRC - Certified Mold Specialist
  • OSHA - Health & Safety Inspector

AQUAFI offers comprehensive mold remediation, bringing vast experience, leadership and sensibility to the process. Our certified technicians undergo rigorous hands-on and classroom training on encapsulation, removal, cross – contamination, cleaning procedures and all critical areas of mold remediation.

The Best Approach
Our understanding of the critical elements involved enable us to take a sensible approach in the remediation process of mold damage repair in a host of environments and situations.

AquFi’s professional team brings a unique set of expertise, including:

  • • Strategic Response
  • • Proper assessment
  • • Engineering controls
  • • Remediation barriers & Containment
  • • State-of-the-art equipment
  • • Risk-specific protocols
  • • Measured results & Reports
  • • Highly-experienced remediation teams with extensive levels of industry IQ

Highly Recommended by Insurance Providers

We regularly work with insurance companies and residents to assess and quickly repair water damage related incidents.

In fact, AQUAFI will guarantee $0 out of pocket cost for our customer’s insurance deductible! That’s right…a company specializing in water damage is willing to PAY YOU to work on your water damage issue!

Why are we willing to pay you? A common problem exists in the water damage industry: businesses that over bill insurance companies. The same story occurs year after year. A water damage business starts increasing their prices job after job. After all, the insurance companies have deep pockets, and that doesn’t affect the customer, right? Wrong!

After lining their pockets with over billed services, these companies ride into the sunset with a larger bank account, and the property owner is left with a skyrocketed insurance bill — or worse — denial of coverage!

At AQUAFI, our mission is to not only work directly with insurance companies, but also, to follow the insurance company’s pricing guidelines, and ultimately, to UNDER bill them. This translates to a happy property owner, insurance company, and AQUAFI team! It’s a win, win, win!

24 Hours a Day, 7 days a week
1 Hour Response Time
No Hidden Service Fees
We Pay Your Insurance Deductible!

Rates & Fees

We work directly with insurance companies and adjusters to determine rates, and file claims. Additionally, WE PAY YOUR DEDUCTIBLE. That means $0 out of pocket cost to you!

In the event insurance is not used, we work with property owners and provide transparent, up-front pricing for water damage jobs.

Mold Remediation Orlando

Attics can be perfect places for mold to hide. In the Southeastern United States, the combination of heat and the lack of ventilation causes moist air to be trapped, allowing mold spores to plant themselves along attic rafters and framing. Air conditioning that cools home interiors has little effect on attic temperature, creating sauna-like attic environments that are perfect for incubating mold. The AQUAFI, LLC approaches attic mold remediation the same way we do all mold contamination. We offer a complete solution that quarantines the attic space from living spaces during our process, insuring that we do not cross contaminate your inhabitable space. Customers and environmentalists rave over the results of our work -clean, sealed, and maintenance-free attics that can be used as mold and mildew-free storage space.


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Home Flooded Basement Orlando

A flooded basement is caused by busted pipes or heavy rain, it’s an enormous inconvenience and hazard. With busted plumbing pipes, shut off the water immediately and repair the plumbing pipes. Remove water damaged furniture and personal items to dry and salvage. Use a water restoration company to extract and place dehumidifier and fans to drain the water and dry out the basement. Remove  water damaged sections of wall coverings (drywall, paneling) and insulation, and be sure to dry and ventilate wall cavities to limit mold and mildew growth. Track down the source if it’s not busted pipes. You may need to apply a barrier to the exterior walls to prevent water from leaching through. One of the way to prevent water damage from happening is to shut of all water from the shut off vale.

Water Damage Repair Orlando

Water Damage If left unrepaired, water damage will continue to worsen, leading to greater problems. Learn what you need to know about water-damaged home interiors and how to tackle the situation appropriately.  You may need to hire a professional to repair plumbing or roofing. Then you should call Water Restoration Company to dry up any water present, sorting through items, and repairing the water damage. Every situation is different. If the water damage arises from a flood, for instance, it may not saturate the wall. A leaking pipe inside a wall, in contrast, may cause it to rot from the inside out. In that case, you are looking at more extensive repairs. Even in the case of flooding, you must evaluate the type of floodwater and determine how to remove the water. Once the water or moisture is gone and the source is fixed, the damage can be evaluated. Repairing the area then depends on where it’s located and the extent of damage caused.


We’re Open 24/7

1 hour response time, guaranteed!

House Flood Orlando / Pipe Burst Orlando

House Flood is when an unexpected event happens like when a Toilet over flows, washing machine hose burst, supply line to a sink or toilet burst and if a hole forms in the ice maker line. All these items can cause a house flood. If your house floods First thing is too call a emergency water damage restoration team or a water damage company then shut off all water to the house call a plumber to fix the problem. Once the professionals arrive at the home they will start extract all areas that has any signs of moisture.  Emergency Water Damage Technicians will remove all contents from water damage areas. Emergency Water Damage team with check all areas with moisture meters and Thermal imaging cameras that measures the moisture in hidden pockets and behind tile and other materials that may not feel wet on the outside.  When all areas of moisture are found, the technician’s will place drying equipment such as dehumidification, wall drying units and air mover to removing any moisture from drywall or other materials. These Emergency Water Damage technicians are also able to speed up the drying process to prevent the growth of any microbial or other harmful bacteria by building drying chambers.