We are the AQUAFI Team, and over the next several posts we are going to introduce you to all of the plumbing services that we offer, and what differentiates us from the other plumbing companies in the Central Florida area. We were founded upon the four pillars of honesty, integrity, transparency, and high-quality work. The AQUAFI team aims to become the most trusted provider in Central Florida.

Meet Us: AQUAFI - Residential Plumbing Residential Plumbing

Us: What is the most annoying thing about making a service related appointment?  Most people would answer that 8-hour window that they give you for the tech arriving at your home! That means you have to miss an entire day of work if you aren’t lucky and they arrive early in the day. Well, we attempt to keep our window within 2 hours and we will call you 30-minutes prior to our arrival at your home.

We understand inviting someone into your home can be scary in today’s world. Because of that, we have strict requirements to be on the AQUAFI team. Those requirements include background checks, clean-shaven, presentable and each tech must follow a strict code of conduct.

All of our techs have iPads and the first thing they do when they come into your home is snap a picture of the “issue.” When they finish they take an after picture and both of these pictures are included on your receipt. Once they have finished the work you can easily check out and pay for the service right on the iPad and an invoice will be emailed directly to you. On that receipt you will be offered a $10 dollar refund for posting a review about your experience with us. That helps with our transparency and we feel you deserve that $10 dollars for helping us mold our company.

I almost forgot the most important thing…price! No more guessing games.  We charge a flat hourly fee and it is listed in bold on our website. (http://theaquafi.com) under the services tab.  Most companies’ overtime kicks in at 5 pm. We realize that is when most people are getting off of work so we make our overtime kick in a few hours later…leaving you some breathing room. Our goal is simply put, to be different, and remove stress from your day!!

Them: The majority of plumbing companies give you a, “we will be there between 8 am and 5 pm” time frame window. They show up and you really have no idea who is coming into your home. Their websites maybe 1 or 2 pages and really looks like it has not been updated in 10-years. As far as pricing, you have no idea what you’re about to be charged. If you want to leave a review, good or bad, you have no idea where to find them, so you search on Google, maybe you find them, and maybe you are able to leave your thoughts. It’s like rolling the dice, hiring someone that you really can’t find much about.

We would love for you to check us out on any of our Social Media sites, or on our Websites. If calling is not convenient, stop by our Facebook page and leave your questions, or comments, you can reach us on Facebook here:  Aquafi on Facebook