Leak Detection and Water DamageToday we are going to talk about two of our very important services leak detection and water damage, something that we know can be very upsetting to you, our valued customers.

Leak Detection

Us: AQUAFI works hard to help solve your leak problems ASAP. We realize you can’t wait until “next week” and that is why we try to schedule all appointments within 24 hours. The good thing about our leak detection service is that we can find the leak within 30 minutes and unlike other leak detection companies, we can also fix the leak with our Plumbing division once we find it. We charge a flat fee for our leak detection services and leave the guessing game out of it.

Them: The majority of leak detection companies in Orlando take about one week to fit you into their schedule book. They show up, point out the leak and leave. Then you have to call a plumbing company, have them come back out and maybe another couple days later your leak is finally fixed.

Water Damage

Us: Wow. I don’t even know where to start. How about this, we pay $500 towards your insurance deductible, we under bill the Insurance Company Leak Detection and Water Damageand we take into account that this is a very traumatic experience and we hold your hand throughout the entire process. The most important fact is that we under bill the insurance companies. This helps you and us. It helps you because we don’t drive off into the sunset having billed your insurance company thousands of dollars more than we should have and then leave you to face their wrath when they quadruple your insurance premiums. It helps us because we are a new company and we want the Insurance companies to like us and to use us. The only way that happens is we build a company based on honesty, trust and integrity. We want to be your trusted Water Damage Company and we will do everything in our power to keep you and your insurance company happy.

Them: Most Water Damage companies are simply put, scams. They basically come into your home, destroy it, over bill you and your insurance company and then leave you with a sky rocketed insurance premium. That’s why they don’t advertise anywhere but on Google and a majority of them are paid ads. You wont find them interacting with you on Social Networks or asking you to post reviews about them. Because of these companies, “water damage” is a bad word.

We hope to be able to serve you for all of your water damage and leak problems.  You can go to our website for more information www.theaquafi or give us a call at 844-411-2782.