Tub to shower conversion is when you remove a bathtub and in its spot you install a shower.  This is a job for a licensed plumbing contractor.  Not only will you be moving the drain lines below the concrete slab to fit the shower space, you will be re-plumbing the water lines and moving the shower valve.

Tub to shower conversions are common in remodeling projects where more modern design includes a shower versus a bathtub.  Most tub to shower conversions rely on multiple contractors to complete as it involves plumbing, framing and tile work.

Tub to shower conversions are not considered a necessity, it’s generally considered a design upgrade based on the homeowners preferences.

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Whole House Re-pipe / Repipe Orlando

A whole house re-pipe is when you replace all of the water lines in the house from the point of entry to every fixture in the house that requires water.   Whole house re-pipes require an inspection from the local municipality.  The plumbing inspector will check all water lines to ensure everything is in correct working order.  The Plumbing inspector will also look at the workmanship of the job to ensure the homeowner is getting a quality job done.

There are several reasons to perform a whole house re-pipe, in the south where homes have no basements the  plumbing water lines are run below the concrete slab of the home.  When these plumbing lines develop a plumbing leak below the concrete it is called a slab leak.  Slab leaks are a common problem that is not easily solvable.  The first issue is finding the plumbing leak, there are several ways to find the plumbing leak the most common is by using leak detection equipment to listen through the concrete slab to pinpoint its location.  Once the plumbing leak is located you must break open the concrete using a jack hammer to expose the leaking plumbing line.  At which time the plumber will repair the leak and re-pour the concrete.  While this is an effective method for quickly stopping the plumbing leak it is not a long term solution.  The collateral costs associated with this method depending on the location can be quite high. If the leak is below a hardwood floor, under the bathroom or the kitchen cabinets.  Many times a whole house re-pipe is not only more cost effective but a true long-term solution to an aging plumbing system.

Water Heater Repair Orlando

Emergency water heater repairs are mostly the electrical portions of the Water Heater unit.  When your not getting enough hot water it generally indicates a malfunction of one of the water heater components.  If the tank itself is leaking, it is time for a new water heater.

It is important to realize that tank type water heaters never stop working.  The components such as thermostats and elements are always turning off and on to regulate the temperature in the tank.  Aging of the water heater components is normally what causes the water heater failures.

Repairing the water heater should be done by licensed plumbing contractors.  It is important to know that most water heaters have 240 volts powering them.  This presents significant danger to unqualified technicians.  The water heater thermostats and elements can be replaced to restore proper function.

Although it is almost impossible to prevent water heater component failures and eventually water heater tank leaks there is one thing that homeowners can do to optimize the performance.  Flushing your water heater will remove unwanted sediment from building up on the bottom.  Over the course of several years sediment can build quite thick.  This lowers the amount of usable space inside the water heater.

House Flood Orlando / Pipe Burst Orlando

House Flood is when an unexpected event happens like when a Toilet over flows, washing machine hose burst, supply line to a sink or toilet burst and if a hole forms in the ice maker line. All these items can cause a house flood. If your house floods First thing is too call a emergency water damage remediation team or a water damage company then shut off all water to the house call a plumber to fix the problem. Once the professionals arrive at the home they will start extract all areas that has any signs of moisture.  Emergency Water Damage Technicians will remove all contents from water damage areas. Emergency Water Damage team with check all areas with moisture meters and Thermal imaging cameras that measures the moisture in hidden pockets and behind tile and other materials that may not feel wet on the outside.  When all areas of moisture are found, the technician’s will place drying equipment such as dehumidification, wall drying units and air mover to removing any moisture from drywall or other materials. These Emergency Water Damage technicians are also able to speed up the drying process to prevent the growth of any microbial or other harmful bacteria by building drying chambers.

Leak Detection Orlando

Leak detection is the process of finding leaks in your home that is not obvious.  There are many different types of leaks so there are several different types of leak detection.

There are many different reasons that leaks happen from the corrosive nature of water and chemicals to the settling of your house.  The aging of the plumbing system and its eventual failure leads to a need to find the problem area.

There are two major types of leak detection when it comes to finding water leaks in your home.  The first being highly sensitive leak detection listening equipment and the second being a leak detection infrared camera.  The leak detection listening equipment allows a trained technician to locate leaks under concrete slabs on pressurized water lines.  The plumbing lines can be under your home or around your pool.  The second method would be the leak detection infrared camera.  This camera allows the user to see differences in temperature.  Being that most plumbing leaks are either colder of hotter than the ambient temperature of everything around it water in the wall will show as a different temperature.